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C   O   C   K   T   A   I   L       E   M   P   O   R   I   U   M

AN ORPHAN ALCHEMIST...leaps unto the African void, offering Orphanage Cocktail Emporium: a specialist club of artisan cocktails, elixir's & intoxications.


Our bar & laboratory serves cocktails, potions, champagne, superb wines, ales & virtuous tipples for those that prefer to remain pure & untainted by alcoholic liberations.   Melodious musical melodies are considered an important part of the Orphanage experience and we offer a variety of performances from local musical maestro's as well as guesting disc jockey's from overseas and far away.


We proudly offer our guests temporary residence in our Parlour, a smoking permitted sin-bin & our tree-lined stoep under the mother city's stars.  Rather curiously we also have a less obvious Orphanage Club ~ a rather exclusive affair, harking back to the rumbustious & golden clubbing era of the 1920’s & only open on the odd whimsical occassion, when it really tickles our fancy...


our original orphan & bree street site is open to elegant members of the pulbic and generally opens around 3-4pm each day through to the wee early hours of the morning.   please also check this site regularly for updates of our preparation for our 2016 opening at speakers-corner.co.za in church square in the heart of the mother-city cbd for the continuing story of orphanage cocktail emporium.